Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back at Blogging...

Well, it has been over two years since I blogged on Weigh Faithful...  It is not that I haven't been "weighing faithful" though... It is because it has been a very busy and tough few years and blogging has not been on my priority list!  From looking through my past blogs here, there are some things that I have learned and have continued to implement.  YAY!

My weight loss is 3 pounds less than when I last blogged.  Though there is not a significant weightloss for over two years time, I have not gained... a BIG YAY!!! There has been some influx in the fact that I have gone through some good and tough times - broken leg (I lost at first because I had no appetite, then gained because I could not exercise), vacations and business trips (even if I eat right and exercise when away from home, I always gain - weird? yes!), weddings (we have been sooo busy with my daughter's wedding last October and my son's wedding coming up in September!!) and church activities (Sunday School, Children's Church, special music, cleaning, banquets, outreach, etc all keep me going!!), not to mention responsibilities at home and part-time work.  So, my life has been very busy!!

During the time off from blogging on here, I have been reading a lot of information on health, diet, nutrition, exercise and weightloss. I look forward to sharing that info on here in the near future!!

One thing God has truly been working in my heart is on faithfulness...  God is so faithful to us and to His promises.  How can I be anything but faithful to Him and to what He has called me to be in every area of my life???  Just this morning I read, "Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it." (1 Thess. 5:24)  May God give me strength and wisdom each day to accomplish His will for my life as I surrender!!