Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I have tried to eat out at a lot of places and eat the THM way... and with my experience buffets are probably one of the easiest. Other restaurants have menus that say they are gluten free, low fat, or low carb, but are not really and totally THM friendly. If you go to most fast food restaurants, they take away the bun, but it only leaves me hungry and paying more for other things... BUT, I went to Red Robin and found it to be very THM fitting AND filling!  

On their menu there are SOOO many different hamburgers and then their never-ending fries...  BUT, Red Robin will substitute a never ending salad for the fries for no extra charge, and give you lettuce for your 'bun'. Here you can see I got the burger with mushrooms and swiss cheese... (no ketchup for me).  Let me just say... it was total deliciousness right there!!!  I was so full and satisfied when I left that I wanted to tell EVERYONE!!!  Okay, so, maybe I have only a handful of friends on this diet... but this was sooo good, seriously!! 

Looking for a place to eat that everyone in the family will be happy? Here is a great place to go for those on the Trim Healthy diet or not!!  Enjoy!!  AND, let me know what you think! 

Red Robin gets the THM award from me!!!