Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BUSY Three Weeks and back to Trim and Healthy Mama's Diet...

Well, it has been a BUSY three weeks!  My son, David's wedding was absolutely beautiful!!  All the hard work and crazy weeks, days, and hours of work paid off from everyone involved!!  AND, we have now all made it home safely!!  We picked up Joy from the airport yesterday, since she drove home with Joseph and Sarah and visited with her grandparents for a week.

We also had a missionary family visit this week/weekend - the Henderson family with 10 children... WOW!!!  We had a great time of fellowship... they were  such a blessing to us!  We will be praying for them, their travels, and for them to get support to go to Guam!!

The stress before and during our trip was a tough one for losing weight, especially since I am not a good traveler and have a traveling syndrome that always makes me gain weight when away from home.  But, I only gained 4 pounds (due to eating something that made me sick one day) and I have already lost 2 of those pounds!!  YAY!

After a break for a few weeks, today I am back on Trim and Healthy Mama's diet and ready to LOSE more!!    Sometimes a break gives me a more positive focus and I am very excited about losing right now!

Today for breakfast I had two delicious egg cups for breakfast - with eggs, mushrooms, cheese, onions and bacon!  yummm... (I did not eat the toast pictured here although some mornings when I need an S helper I will eat a half piece of Sarah Lee bread that has only 45 calories per slice - so when I eat a half, it only has 22 1/2 calories - with a little fruit-only preserve - no sugar added)...

 For lunch I had an amazing taco salad (with no chips)...  So filling and satisfying!!

 Trim and Healthy Mama is a way I that can eat and enjoy eating - every day and almost every  meal!!  It is satisfying and energizing...  Read one of my previous posts to see a very small summary of this book!  

Thanks for stopping by!