Monday, March 5, 2012

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.” is a great quote to start off my blog, because that is how I feel at the moment!  Three years ago I joined Spark People and it took me 10 months to get to my first goal of losing 25 pounds.  I was quite fired up and set a new goal and was on my way with another 10 pounds lost.  But after the sudden death of a brother-in-law and sister-in-law a year and a half ago, there have been SO many things come into my life to throw me off the tracks time and time again, including the weird changes that are a part of being over 45 years of age!   I have almost gained back all the weight and feel like I am starting completely over!

I read a quote the other day on Spark People about excuses. ""If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way, if you don't you will find an excuse"  I always plan to start 'next' week, but then the excuses come up:  it's Thanksgiving, it's Christmas, it's New Year's, it's the super bowl, I am sick this week, It's so-and-so's birthday, it's a potluck week at church, etc.  These excuses keep me waiting for that 'perfect' week that just never seems to happen!!  There will always be plenty of excuses and I will never get started if I don't just jump in and do it! 

My goals start this week and include:
Monday:  Start drinking my water and logging my food on Spark People (7 days a week)
Tuesday:  Start my strength training schedule  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Wednesday: Start my cardio training schedule  (20 minutes or more every day, but Sunday)

As I start back, there are a lot of emotions running through me:  excitement, dread, and a fear of failure again...  I know I cannot do it alone and am thankful for a heavenly Father who loves me and will help me though this!  "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  Ephesians 4:13


  1. I am excited for you, my friend! You can do it! God will help (and so will I!)

  2. Congrats on starting again. I look forward to following your journey. I'm kind of stuck and need a jolt of some kind. It's so hard. I like your quote in the sidebar, "Pick your hard." That's something to think about.