Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Second Week Report

I was really discouraged this week... every day I did cardio with the exception of Sunday and was careful with my diet.  Every day my weight stayed the same and after talking to my husband Saturday, we decided that maybe I should try a low carb diet for just a few weeks and see what happens.  I have always done well on low carb diets, and it would be really good to help me get off sugar and maybe give me a boost!   Sunday morning I started, although I did forget once when the kids and I were sitting around the kitchen and some were eating Chicken Enchiladas, and I took a few bites.  Evidently it did not hurt though, because on Tuesday morning I did have a weight loss of 1.2 pounds!  I was still pretty discouraged Tuesday, but then I thought, if I lost 1 pound each week I will lose 52 pounds at the end of my 52 weeks.  

I know that a lot of changes are happening in my body as a result of peri-menapause.  I started several years ago and had quite a few tests run to make sure everything was okay.  Since June 2011 though, I have gained 30 pounds and have struggled with a lot of mood swings. I am usually a happy-go-lucky person that always enjoys life and people, but every day began to be a struggle from around June and on.  Some time in October I tried to explain to my husband how I felt, we went to a natural food store one day and asked what they had available for peri-menapause.  They showed us a simple progesterone cream and I must say it REALLY works, although at times it almost makes me a little TOO happy!  HA!   I am grateful for a family that loves to laugh and can find humor in this and help me from time to time.  The biggest joke at our house is, "Did Mom put on her happy cream today?"  :)  Which reminds me... I forgot this morning... I better go!!   Have a GREAT WEEK!!


  1. Just keep on keeping on, my friend. In a year, if you remain faithful, you will see a difference. <3 you!