Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Review of the FITBIT FLEX!!

I spent many hours researching Fitbit and other products that are similar - the features, the pros, the cons, the prices, the sales (which are few - even when buying used on ebay or Amazon... they are pricey!!)  I pretty much figured I would never be able to get one.  But, this summer I sold a lot of books on ebay and did quite well. When my husband I were talking about it, he suggested I use some of the profits to buy me a Fitbit. Well, you don't have to tell me twice!!  I was right on it!!

Again, researching ebay and used ones, store rewards programs, etc...  I bought mine at Kohl's and was able to get $20 Kohl's cash back on each of the first two and bought a third one using the Kohl's cash a few days later.  I bought one for each of my daughter's to give me some good steady 'competition' - one of the fun factors of the Fitbit, as well as giving them some fun and incentive also!  

There are many types of exercise trackers - I needed one that would fit my needs and motivate me.  I had read some pretty good and bad reviews on each product but had to think what functions were important to me and what I could afford.  

Convenient:  I needed something that I didn't have to think about - I am a ditz and would seriously forget my head if it wasn't attached. So, to have a band around my arm 24/7 helps me a lot!!  I don't have to remember to throw it in my pocket or attach it to my clothing in some way when I get up.  They also have a lot of beautiful colors (that I found on ebay much cheaper) too... 


Cool and Sleek: As you can see, these are sleek and colorful bands that can match anything I wear!  There are 5 lights that tell you approximately how many steps you have taken, when you put it in or out of sleep mode, when you reach 10,000 steps for the day, alarms, etc.

Dashboard: I love the dashboard that I can go to and see my steps, sleep, calories in vs. calories out, mileage, water intake, friends progress and much more at a glance!!  They also have an app that also syncs to my account, so I can also see it on the go!!  Here is a portion of it as a screen shot on my computer - This is at around 12:00...  


and here is a portion from my phone around the same time... 


Syncs with other Apps:  I really like the food calorie counter on MyfitnessPal and the GPS tracker on RunKeeper for outdoor walks/jogs and have used them both for over a year.  The features on Fitbit make it so that I would not necessarily have to mess with those apps anymore, but it is so nice that they can sync with each other. So what I put in on one app, they work together to sync all the information into the other apps for me.  After experimenting with the food counter on fitbit, it is nice and works well, but I do prefer MyFitnessPal on the mobile version for that. 

Features:  I saw so many people put up bad reviews, wanting it to be a watch... if I want a watch, I will buy a watch.. this is a pedometer!!  Some people said it is too expensive for a pedometer. Well, it is kinda expensive, I will be the first to agree with that.  But, it is one that you don't have to think about. It is there, doing it's job day and night. Even logging your sleep, when you are restless, when you wake up, etc...  I LOVE IT!!  It is not a heart rate monitor, although I read you can sync it to one if you want, but that is not what I wanted.  Most heart rate monitors do not give you all that Fitbit does, and if they do, they are MUCH more expensive!!  

Waterproof: Well, somewhat waterproof...  like if you get caught in a rain storm (like I did out walking one evening) it won't hurt it!  Many people even wear them in the shower.  It just can't go under pressurized water - like a pool, ocean, etc...  

Goals: You have daily and weekly goals to accomplish, (would you believe I missed my goal yesterday by 2 steps?  lol... I was just too tired to care last night!)  Most of the time, just pushing yourself to meet goals can be a lot of fun. These goals over time can be changed also to push you harder, or if you have an injury or sickness, they can be lowered to help you get your strength back up over time.

Competition:  I love competition and I can link up with other friends that are Fitbit users (even if they have a different Fitbit style) to help encourage and push each other - or even 'taunt' each other!!  One of the reasons in getting them for my daughters is to help push me and them!!


Alarm: You can go in and set any alarms you need and the Fitbit flex will buzz gently and lights will blink to let you know to wake up, (open the museum), and/or any other alarms you might need to help you! 

I cannot even begin to give you all the benefits and fun of the Fitbit Flex... it has been fun and very motivating!  Maybe I will be linking up with you soon???  

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