Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 3 Report / Summary of Trim Healthy Mama

Today marks 3 weeks since I started back at blogging on here and I am happy to report a 3 pound loss for the week!  I have implemented some of the things from Trim and Healthy Mama and am finding I have to be careful not to lose too much too fast (as they warned in the book!)  

So, a simple run-down of the diet (a book of over 600 pages with tips, recipes, etc.) - There are 4 kinds of meals: S meals (satisfying), E meals (energizing), FP meals (fuel pull), and Crossover Meals.  

In short: 

S Meals are kinda like Atkins - high fat meats, salads with creamy dressings, non-carb veggies with butter or cheese sauces, etc) and no carbs. Although you can have an S helper (one small carb, like a half an apple, half a toast, etc.) for those who can't cut out carbs or to keep you from losing too fast... yes, even at the age of 48, I am finding I have to be careful not to lose it too fast!!  These meals make you feel very satisfied (and like you are cheating on the diet).

E Meals are kinda like a low-fat meal - low fat meat, veggies without the butters, sauces, cheeses, etc. and a carb or two.. although very low fat cheeses are also allowed for this meal.  It does not mean you scarf down on carbs either!  The carbs in this meal make it very energizing!!

Crossover Meals can have both fat and carbs in the same meal - beware, it is not like throwing the diet to the wind, and it is only used once a week while losing weight, or several times a week when maintaining. Things like a taco, piece of lasagna, etc...   Since some of these meals neither fit in an S meal or an E meal.  I eat mine on Sundays for lunch.  Joy and I also do eat a dessert for that meal!  yummmmy...  I thought this meal would ruin my diet and make me gain a pound or two each week, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the fact I have not gained!!  

FP Meals are meals with low fat and no carbs - like grilled salmon and a salad with vinegar, or a shrimp stir fry made with veggies and very little olive oil.  These meals can still be very filling if planned well. Joy and I have found several combinations that work great!!!


* When changing meal plans always keep them 3 hours apart!!  Otherwise the fat from one meal and the carbs in the other may combine for weight gain...  

* Sugar and honey are given up... Yep, the mama of Cakes by the SugarCains just said that!!  (If you don't know us, you can look us up online on Facebook, Blogger, Cake Central, Pinterest.)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar, candy, honey... and anything made with these wonderful ingredients!!  Once a week I still enjoy one of our amazing desserts, but the rest of the week, I have actually found I feel better without the sweet stuff (did I just say that?  WOW!!)  

* There are several ingredients that can really add weight... bananas (high in sugar and carbs), milk (the hormones given to cows to make their appetites increase, also make our appetites increase - wow), corn (regularly fed to animals getting fattened up for the slaughter), juices (full of natural sugar without the needed fiber that goes into our systems so fast that it is not good for our blood sugar) and many others...  does this mean I never eat these things... NO!!  I am aware of their affects and monitor their intake carefully.  

* Eating in this way, keeps your blood sugars balanced and steady... In the book Pearl and Serene explain how our normal diets (even what some call 'healthy' are making us fat)...  which I can't really explain, you will have to read the book on that one....

** It is switching things up that makes the metabolism fire up and burn more...  just like switching up your exercise routine can rev up your metabolism, your food intake can also!

The Authors:

Pearl and Serene are sisters and are very transparent as they explain their own past diets and failures in a very down-to-earth way. I like how they each have different views and argue between themselves in the book (just like sisters!! but it also gives you different ideas of it.)  

My Summary:

It is not a book of dos and don'ts exactly... they give their ideas and thoughts, but everyone figures out what works best for them.  I almost always add an S helper to an S meal, because I have learned  through reading other books, that combinations of foods give you the best possible absorption of vitamins in your foods. I like the drink ideas - The Shrimker and Good Girl Moonshine are flavorful and healthy ideas. Trim and Healthy Mama has LOTS of recipes, and probably half do not sound good to me... but, through Pinterest, there are numerous ideas and help online!!  This diet is growing quite popular, but the best thing is... it is a diet I could live with for the rest of my life.  Even a woman who is pregnant could live on this diet if she is careful to switch up her meals often to keep a good balance of carbs, proteins, and produce!  

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