Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Week Report

Well, it has been just one week since I have last blogged and I have lost 2 pounds!  YAY!!  Every Wednesday is when I will be posting my weight loss.  But, I will in the next week or two share in separate posts how I have put together two books and two very different diet styles into one. (Taking Charge of the Change and Trim and Healthy Mama) When I was researching on THM (this is how some shorten it), a newer and becoming more popular "diet," I found a good blog post on -  I love what Natalie said in this review of Trim and Healthy Mama:

  • All authors but One are fallible.
  • Don’t get all your information from one source. (Not talking about the Bible here.)
  • Chew the meat; spit out the bones.
What great advice... and so I have combined these two recent books that I have read and will share them soon!  

But, for now, the latest news in my home... Joy and I went shopping two days ago and found a stunning sleek dress for me to wear for my son's wedding in just 5+ short weeks.  Can I lose enough to look stunning in it?  hmmm...  It is worth a try!  Tags have been left on and the receipt is in a safe place...  Joy also needs to lose a few pounds to fit into her dress comfortably (well, like maybe 3 pounds for her - lol)...  so we are working hard!!! 

I am also using the following apps: MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and Fitbit...  the nice thing is they can all sync together to work for me!!  I LOVE the Fitbit, it has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and after selling old homeschool books this summer, my husband wanted me to use some of that money for myself and suggested the Fitbit.  He didn't have to tell me that twice!!!  I started researching and bought me and my daughters all Fitbits (because it is always more fun to compete with a Fitbit) - of course!!  

Yes, her arm is the skinnier arm...  lol...

I met and exceeded my first week's goal of 70,000 steps and look forward to some day increasing my goals as I get on a good schedule with it!

Thanks for reading, please share with me how you are losing weight,  if you have read Trim and Healthy Mama and your own ideas as well on it!!  I would love to hear from you!!

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