Friday, August 29, 2014


This is the 4th week since jumping back to this blog.  I only lost one pound this week... many things happening the past 7 days including a bridal shower and a birthday for my son.  Next week won't be much better with a potluck on Sunday and being busy with wedding plans. Somehow, when life gets busy I tend to just stuff food in my mouth on the go and feel more food helps me have more energy.
And although food is energy, too much food is NOT!

Even though I did lose a little, I felt like I took a setback this week on the diet, although I probably ate right 75% of the time... it's that 25% that is hurting me!!

I love this quote from Spark People and thought I would share it with anyone else struggling a little out there!  Hope you are having a great week... if you have had a setback, jump back on with me!!

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