Wednesday, August 6, 2014


One of the things I love about Trim and Healthy Mama (THM) is the drink ideas they have!!  We all KNOW it is good and healthy for our bodies to stay hydrated... but sometimes... water... just gets...  well... BORING!!! And, of course, I drink water because I do not like to drink my calories (I want to chew and savor every calorie I eat!!)  So their ideas/recipes have been very refreshing (in more ways than one!!)

This is one of the recipes that they give and it is sooo good!!  It is kinda like drinking a cold chia tea...  They say you should make and drink about 2 quarts of this stuff for one day. BUT, I kinda get tired of just drinking one drink all day.  So here is my 'half' recipe for it:

** Start with two Oolong tea bags -( yes, these are hard to find, my dad and I could not find them in stores, if you do, please add a comment at what store you found them!!  I did finally get some from the health food store in my area.)

** Put a cup of hot water into the cup with bags and let steep 6 minutes - take tea bags out and let cool...  they say to leave the bags in until it cools. (Sometimes I don't have the time to let them steep as long as they say and that is okay. I personally like to steep it only 6 minutes or it tends to have a strong bitter taste and after taste that doesn't agree with my taste buds! If you like it bitter, leave them in longer!)

Oolong Tea - yummmmy

** Pull the tea bags out and put tea in a blender with:
     1/4 cup almond milk,
     1/2 teaspoon good cinnamon (no, not all cinnamons are created equal!),
     a sprinkle of cayenne pepper (as you get used to it, I hear you can add more,
        but I thought I would choke on my first try of this one with more in it whew!!),
     1 tsp. vanilla (yummmm)
     small pinch of sea salt (can omit if you prefer!)
     1/2 tsp. Stevia (or to taste, I like this or even a little less.)

** Blend well...

** Get a quart jar and fill it FULL with ice.

** Pour oolong tea mixture over ice and ENJOY!!!

The Shrinker

This is such a good flavorful alternative to drinking high sugar and high calorie drinks!!  Of course I just can't drink a full two quarts like they suggest...  I wouldn't drink two quarts of milk in a day or two quarts of mountain dew either... so this gives some variety to my day's fluid intake!!  This drink has less than 10 calories and each ingredient has nourishing and healthy benefits to them!!

Here is a picture of my drinks on my desk at work - The Shrinker and my simple but favored flavored water (did I make you read that twice? lol)- my Cucumber-Lime water!  YUMMM!!

Have you tried The Shrinker yet? What do you like to drink to get your fluids that are also low calorie but flavorful?  I would love to try your favorites too!!

An added note here: Joy and I found Oolong tea at HyVee for those who live near one of these stores.  We were not able to get the price because they were resetting the shelves that day and we saw it in a cart off to the side, but it is a regular product!!


  1. I made the Shrinker today to sip on. I used a stick of cinnamon, I brewed the tea and cinnamon stick together, and a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper. No goopy mess at the bottom of my jar to shake up every little bit. I still have the cinnamon flavor and goodness, but am very happy with no goop.

    1. I will look for cinnamon sticks at the store tomorrow!! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Oolong tea at Dutch man's Store in Cantril Iowa. It runs about $ 3.99 for 100 count box.

    1. Good price!! Joy and I did find some at HyVee the other day, for anyone that lives near a HyVee!!

    2. Today I had 1/2 of my shrinker concentrate left. Not wanting to just toss it out, I decided to take it and blend ice in like an icee. It was really good that way and since I had put just a tad bit to much cayenne pepper in I am calling my fire and ice shrinker.

    3. Yummmm... that sounds great!!! I will have to try an icee... definitely a great variation!! Thanks Sherelyn!!

  3. I realize this was posted 1 1/2 years ago, but I'd like to pass along that I've been able to purchase the Bigelow Oolong Tea at our local Kroger store here in Tennessee. Thank you for your very helpful blog! God bless!